ladies I like lots

Just got home from Lisa’s show at Edo Salon (on the corner of Haight and Steiner). If you’re in SF, I demand you go. She’s an inspiration, a friend and an amazing swimmer. I was supposed to sell the buttons she/we made, but spent more time chatting, photographing and staring at her intricate and elegant work. I’ll post photos later. Pieces were selling left and right, wine was sipped to whatever the DJ was playing, and Lisa glowed in the center of the packed room.

I did a little glowing myself—or was that blushing? Who should walk into the show but Jess Hutch, creator of the bunny pattern I just knit, the robots that all the Internet kids love, and Knitty’s kitty Kate.

Granted, I know Lisa interviewed Jess for Whip up. I had asked her if Jess might come, and recognized those cat-eyed glasses from the moment she came in. Jess, sorry to be a bit of a blog stalker. Normally, I have more interesting things to say than, “I just knit your bunny! You’re famous!” Ask Lisa, I’m so much cooler than that. I as so embarassed by my own behavior that I didn’t get a picture of her, although Lisa did ask me to snap one of the two of them on her camera. SF is a small enough town; I trust I’ll meet Ms. Hutchinson again and redeem myself.

Pictures soon. I’m hanging out with Lisa again tomorrow night, along with at least one co-worker. The Ditty Bops are playing at Slims just around the corner. For never having heard of the band a mere 30 hours ago, I’m thoroughly obsessed with their swinging retro, ragtime, cabaret/vaudeville pop. My work sponsors them and I saw their Bikes & Bikinis calendar before listening to the latest CD. You can find a few videos on YouTube (where you should check out the sketch comedy of Pretty Thingsss, gender-bending sketch comedy made by one of the Ditty Bops). Run along and read their bike blog about pedalling across the country, gig-to-gig.

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  1. jess hutch Says:

    Hey there! It was so great to meet you at Lisa’s show. I don’t think anyone’s ever referred to me as famous, it made me feel like Paris Hilton there for a second. Great job on the bunny, btw!