Toy story

The outpouring of comments got me off my butt and onto the needles. I printed out a bunch of softie patterns, put down my sock and swatched up some scrap yarn last night. I’ve settled on a Jess Hutch bunny pattern for my bear base. So far, head and 2/3 of the body are done. Using the Rowanspun Chunky from my cycling aran (no, I still haven’t put the zipper in, nor photographed it), it’s coming out a tad dense, I could probably jump up to #9’s,but I want to see it through at this gauge.

Between Leslie, emmalola, and Elemmaciltur and Janie’s expecting foster mommies, I got a bunch of creatures to make! I should probably do one on larger needles and felt it Miss Janie Sparkles, too. Little things are fast! I see why toys are so much fun!

I hope y’all won’t mind if I stray from the bear motif into other animals. Inspired by the www, I want spikes and swirls, and multiple appendages. <sarcasm>That said, I bet the gays would go nuts for a little, knitted, fat, hairy figure—who knew novelty/fun-fur yarn could be so butch? I’ll go sell them around the corner at the Lone Star Saloon</sarcasm>

One Response to “Toy story”

  1. Elemmaciltur Says:

    well, I just did Frankie as my first toy….he’s still pooping his cherry seeds now and then. I’m considering doing Kate from Knitty’s last issue and also maybe one of those Nauties from the current issue….however, I just have waaaaaaay too many projects on the needles right now….so those toys will have to wait.