grin and bear it

A month goes by and it feels like a year. April 10th marked another year for me—the end of my 33rd. The occasion was celebrated a day early with a starch-fest of a breakfast: homemade biscuits and veggie sausage gravy, a tomato tart and coffee cake from the neighbor, doughnuts and some good ol’ breakfast burritos.

And, yes, there’s been knitting, just no photographing of its progress. Currently, I’m on my second pair of socks, something small for BART and the two days a week I bike to work (this week, at least). In the beginning of April, I almost finished what I’m calling the week-long sweater. After the seven days, I was not quite through the second sleeve and it’s been resting since then. I’m kicking myself for wasting a month’s-worth of free photo storage of flickr. I could have shown you the socks, more pictures of Janie and my new button-making machine.

JanieLisa came over today to bust out some 1″ badges for her upcoming art show. We powered through 100+ pins in different designs and miniatures of her drawings. I gave her the three *sparklenation* buttons I’ve made celebrating the tiny canine who’s dominating my life of late.

And how could a visit from such a star not be an inspirational kick in the pants to get back in here to type? Pardon my long silence. Feel free to print this out and wear your own *sparklenation* button to help you my gaps in writing.

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