three months later…

my home-buying excuse for not knitting is wearing thin. I’m all moved in, the house is functional and the yarn’s been stashed. it was high time that I start up again. and, yes, I was even dreaming about it.

I was antsy to buy a new book for inspiration (Teva Durham or Debbie New?), but I forced myself to consult one I already owned. I hadn’t spent much time with it, so I decided to crack open Anna Zilboorg’s Knitting for Anarachists.

I wasn’t ready to start swatching out new designs, so I decided start sleeve2 of my aran sweater. there’s so much to be learned from the classics. besides, inspiration always comes quickly when bored by tedium.


Sunday night: I started the ribbing of the cuff. it felt wonderful to be using my hands again. but then bedtime called.


Monday afternoon: after the patriotic festivities (shrimp and basil pasta, corn on the cob and banana cream pudding), out came the knitting bag during our conversation. as you can see, quite a bit more got done.

I’m travelling in two weeks, and I’m not sure what I want to bring with me. Finish this sweater or start something new? once that trip (swim competition) is over, I’ll return to my favorite knitting night at 3DB.

I missed you, sweet wool.

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