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Out of synch

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

So another day and another missed posting. I realize I’m only trying to show myself that I can type into a box once every twenty-four hours (which is a different goal than writing). All of yesterday felt off.

It started with a four a.m. dog walk for a suddenly not well puppy. (I’ve deleted the details.) She slept through last night very well, but the day was full of worry, out-of-character personality, and enough bodily fluids to consider whether taking her to the ER was wiser than waiting until today. (We opted for today. She does not appear to be in any discomfort.) I know I am abnormally attached to my dogs, but I understand life is finite and unexpected things can happen. This seems like a passing thing, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

The second not typical thing about yesterday was my working from home and a work field trip to Stitches West. I was showing a knitting newbie the overwhelming-ness of a trade show cum massive yarny pop-up in Santa Clara. It was great to see Kristine and Adrienne (and mom Michelle) from A Verb For Keeping Warm. Of course I hung out (always too briefly) with Debbi at the BMFA booth (my stomping ground for a year). And I got to meet Jeanne and Julie from CreativeBug and hear how the sock knitting flash mob we put on was included in their investor presentations. It’s impossible to do a quick drive-by at Stitches, but we had to rush back to the City because work email and network servers were going to be shut off at 4pm. So much for working from home through the night.

Discombobulated is a better description of me and time yesterday. The unsettled anxiety about a four-legged friend haunted me. The rampant consumerism combined with the joyful gathering of kindred spirits is dizzying. (I could write at length on my ethical conflicts of stash hoarding.) The ever-present stress of work and the whispering (oft-neglected) call of personal passion projects tore me from being present.

There’s no easy fix, but I can’t help but think this could be helped with a simple scamper. I’ve fallen completely off my training plan for the past two weeks, save last Saturday. It’s more fuel for my head’s nagging negative fire. (See, you still can’t train properly! You’re lazy.) An hour or two pounding myself out of my brain and into my body could be a step toward the grounding that was missing yesterday.

But now it’s Saturday. An new day. A vet visit. A return to Stitches for after-hours communion with a few friends. And maybe a run.

To This Day

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

“As if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called, and we got called them all…”

Thank you, Shane Koyczan.

This space left blank intentionally

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

The day switched into tomorrow without a moment set aside to type. A pet peeve of mine is complaining about not writing, yet it seems to be a crutch of late. My whole schedule needs to be reconsidered. I come home too late and too grumpy from the office that all I have room for is some leftover pizza and Dance Moms. Runs have been skipped for at least two weeks. Knitting wasn’t touched for days on end. Rut would be an understatement, but I’m in it.

Steeking suspicion

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Planning something with steeks in the near future. Wish me luck.

Here’s what I’m studying for steeks.

February in West Marin

Monday, February 18th, 2013

It’s been one of those days (and weekends) that you wished would never end. Plenty still to do, but plenty got done. Today’s car trip up to Pt. Reyes reminded me of how breath-taking Northern California can be. Cooking dinner tonight and the week’s-worth of lunches showed me just how tasty it is too.

Skipped not scampered

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

I chose not to scamper today. I was supposed to do 18 miles. After skipping last week’s 16, I really could have used the three-hours on my feet. It’s all investment in the mileage bank to pay off at the end of April. True to form, I’ve never shown up to a race overtrained.

Trying to be at peace with this choice. I enjoyed the yummy breakfast I had with Sonya. I am happy I could knit a bit and watch some TV. I find it freeing that we got grocery shopping and laundry done, so tomorrow’s day off can be super relaxing.

Will I curse this skipped run on marathon day? Nope. I’ll show up at the start with the training I have completed. Plus, the experience of a chill weekend. You can’t cram for a marathon. It is what it is.

But next week…


Saturday, February 16th, 2013

I know it’s an end-of-the-night, last-minute, lazy post thing to do, but I haven’t set aside the time to type up deep thoughts.

That said, today we got the house in (a bit more) order: piles cleared, surfaces dusted, plants watered and topped off with soil, rug vacuumed dogs bathed, sheets washed and bed freshly made, last fall’s Iceland images off the camera, and my first scamper in a week. Progress.

Sitting pretty

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Decibelle and I are looking forward to the three-day weekend.

Two months…

Friday, February 15th, 2013

…of typing something. Most often, nothing.

Valentine’s Eve

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

In lieu of my own writing, here’s Clara Parkes’ Valentine’s Day List of 14 Knitterly Things to Love from this week’s Knitter’s Review.

It’s enough to my my heart go pitter-pat. I need to get my swatch on soon. (And I’m not talking about the wristwatch.)